Tarsiers in the Jungle. Goats by the river



With an incredibly nice change of pace, we’ve hit the island of Bohol, famous for it’s Tarsiers( little monkey/lemur like creatures) and the chocolate hills.

After a blistering 100+ degree day in Cebu, the island is definitely a nice change.  We spent the first few days in a wonderful jungle retreat, situated by a river where we could swim about a quarter mile up to a waterfall, which is another one of the island’s main attractions.

One of the best things was being able to rent a motorbike (for about $11) and explore the island on our own.  My last expedition on a motorbike, didn’t turn out well 5 years ago in Thailand, ending in a  crash and bruising half of my body about 10 minutes after leaving the rental shop.  This time I definelty had to think safety first, since Mariana was also riding with me. (still leaving the passenger load lighter than the average bike here.)

Cooling down my tasty Chicken leg

Cooling down my tasty Chicken leg

With the bike, we set out on our own and visited the Tarsier foundation in the town of Corella.  The little bug eyed animals were very cute, but also very sleepy.  Although it would be fun to hold one, they seemed to content laying on their branch to want anything more than to look back at us with their googly eyes (which are much larger than their brains) .

We gladly timed our visit to the chocolate hills well, and after a huge winding road, we arrived in Carmen just in time to watch the sunset to on the hills. The hills themselves were great, but what made the experience magnificent was the ride up in the mountain town and the cool weather and relaxed atmosphere that surrounded it.

We had dinner at the only place in the town of Billar which stayed open after sunset.  A little store with a grill outside with various chicken parts (no skinless breasts of course). As we’re more acclimated, I tried to start getting a little more adventurous and tried grilled chicken feet for the first time, which surprisingly ended up being ultra easy to eat and tasty ( if you like chicken wings, you’ll love these)

The baby goats were cuter than the tarsiers

Right now, chilling our in out hut to the sound of the river, goats farting (more than I’d ever imagined), we decided that it was too relaxed of a place to move and and extended our stay one more day.

We also started a little experiment in a video diary which we’ll share as soon as we have a strong enough connection to upload it. For now, the pictures are on Flickr.

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