Remmembering Matt Mabry

As we sit in a relaxed spot which we finally found on the beaches of Bali, I remember Matt Mabry, a great man and best friend who passed away this time last year.

No one ever made you laugh like Matt

Even though Mariana and I had been thinking of a trip like our current one, Matt’s passing last year that made me realize how short and unpredictable life really can be.

I carry a picture of Matt in my wallet (like the picture above in Bali today)  which has been tattered and torn through a year with a lot of ups and downs. But with it, I can take Matt’s memory and hopefully a little of of his great personality with me wherever we go.

Wishing the best to all Matt’s friend and family.

Best memories of Georgetown, with Matt & Nelson in my second MBA home at Nelson and Becky's

2 comments to Remmembering Matt Mabry

  • Becki French

    Thank you for this sharing these beautiful sentiments. It is quite perfect that you carry Matt with you as he too loved to see the world…How little we knew at the time that those seemingly everyday moments would be cherished so much someday.

  • Christine

    Hey Nomads,
    I love that photo of Matt at the beach…Yesterday on Facebook, it was so touching that people were posting messages of Matt, remembering his laughter…it makes me wonder if any of us really know how much we touch other people’s lives while we’re here.

    It sounds like you guys are having an amazing time and I’m enjoying your postings. I leave for Africa next week so it looks like I’ll be joining the nomad club!

    Much luv,

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