Passport Photos can come cheap

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My Salvadore Dali Passport shot. The hat might not be allowed, but nobody said anything about the mustache!

One of the few things we realized we’re going to need is passport photos, and lots of them!

However, after checking around, I wasn’t very happy with paying 15 bucks at Kinkos, 7 bucks at Walgreens, or 5 bucks at Costco.  Paying this fee once is not a problem, but it’s not going to be fun to multiply that number by 10.

While many people think that you have to get an official passport photo, I realized after a little research including the governments’ official documentation on passport photos

that it’s perfectly legal (and a hell lot cheaper) to make and print your own photos.

While I thought about exercising my Photoshop muscle and making one of these myself., I found a great website, that helps you do this.

Using the site, you have two ways to get your photo:

The foolproof way:  Get one set of official photos.

the ultra cheap way:  Take your own photo against a wall or sheet.  And plug it into the epassport tool.  (Bonus: Costco is perfectly fine with you taking your camera down and taking your own photo in their official station:

You can then upload the photos into the site and adjust them to be as perfect and beautiful as you are!

E passport offers to send your photos over to Walgreens or mail pick up for 6-8 dollars, but if you look at the smaller side of the screen, they also allow you to download your photo, or send it to snapfish.

This way, you can get the same 10 set of photos printed for about 25 cents and save the other $140 for drinks!

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